San Francisco Crimespotting is an interactive map of crimes in San Francisco, California, and a better way of understanding crime in cities.

This project is not affiliated with the City of San Francisco or the San Francisco Police Department.

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Unfortunately, CrimeWatch suffers from a few drawbacks that we believe Crimespotting helps to address. CrimeWatch is inaccessible to many popular browsers, and does not “gracefully degrade” for maximum flexibility. CrimeWatch provides maps of crime reports but makes them difficult to explore.

Our map view is completely explorable - it’s possible to pan and zoom, select date ranges in the past, and view specific kinds of crimes. You can also share links directly to a particular view of the map, which is important for sharing and publishing information. If you don’t have the required Flash plug-in to view the interactive map, we have a browseable crime database with maps in image form for combinations of dates and types of crime.

We believe that this map-first approach is a valuable and sensible way to publish information for people to use - everyone knows how to find their house, school, or workplace on a map, but few people remember relevant details such as the city council district or police beat these places occupy.

An important source of inspiration for San Francisco Crimespotting comes from Chicago Crime, a freely browseable database of crimes reported in Chicago created by Adrian Holovaty and Wilson Miner.


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The map is an example of Modest Maps, our Flash and Python framework for displaying tile-based geographical images. The tiles we’ve chosen to use come from Cloudmade.


San Francisco Crimespotting was designed and built by Stamen Design. Feedback, complaints, and suggestions are welcome at